Intervention meaning

What can intervention meaning offer to you? I’m glad you asked. The first thing that you will notice is the overall message of peace and healing that is conveyed in the title of this site.

Connection and truth are very important to me. In connection we are all interconnected, but in truth the connection is not necessarily through these means. In connection you are responsible for all that happens in your life. In truth you are responsible for what happens with everyone else. It is through the connection that your life moves forward.

In stimulus money it says to stop and give yourself a chance to recover. In relationship it says that your happiness is connected to your relationships, and is your responsibility. The message of these sites seems clear to me, and it could not be more relevant.

There is another connection that is very important to me and that is one that teaches how to receive love from others. It is through a connection that we receive love, and there is no other way. No matter what the circumstances are, whether or not we are at fault, when it comes to love we are all connected to the other person.

As I teach my students at community schools all across the country, I often remind them of the heart connection. Through this connection we learn the basic message that anyone can use to make any situation better, however the moment someone has a bad day or when we have had a bad day, the heart connection gives us the best opportunity to grow and to move on. In my experience, when you are in the state of grace you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of your connection with God.

Relationship based on an empty or disconnected heart is like trying to get past a wall that was already there. We can always work to be more present with one another when we are able to reconnect with the heart connection. After years of teaching relationships, I have found that it is important to continue my course of teaching my students about the connection and the heart connection.

Relationships are about following through and continuing to work towards something greater. If you do not begin to learn to connect, and if you do not feel worthy of your choices then nothing in your life will matter to you.

Remember, in connection you can make any situation better and in connection you can make your life better. And that is one of the reasons that these sites about these two concepts seem so relevant.

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